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Burroughs Broncos Events

Burroughs Choir

Burroughs Choir getting ready to sing at the Sunnyside Showcase.
We have an awesome choir this year and they performed at the Sunnyside Showcase. Way to go Broncos! 

Bronco Pride Mural

Broncos' students taking a picture with the Bronco Pride Mural.
A big thank you to our student and parent volunteers and our artist Jason Esquivel, for the beautiful mural. Our Bronco Pride mural was created in an effort to emphasize a sense of school pride. Please remind students often about the importance of taking pride in our school. 

Broncos Heart

Burroughs Students and Staff makes a heart.
During Burroughs Broncos Kindness Week, we managed to coordinate over 750 staff and students into the shape of a heart for a schoolwide picture. We appreciated everyone’s help with this challenging task. This shows, together we can do amazing things!   

Burroughs Boys Soccer 2022

Burroughs' Boys Soccer Team taking a picture with their second place trophy.
Congratulations Burroughs boys soccer team! 2nd place at the District tournament! Way to go coach Juarez and students! This is what success looks like when players work together. You did it all season long and we are so proud of you!

Burroughs Dual Immersion Christmas Program

Students singing Christmas songs.

Burroughs Broncos Color Run

Students getting ready for a picture and drinking water after the Color Run.
Our Color Run was a huge success thanks to our Bronco staff and our Bronco families!! We had a blast getting splashed with color to earn money for our school and for The American Cancer Society. Thank you to everyone who participated and a big Thank you to Mrs. Gobeli and Mrs. Ford for coordinating this wonderful event for our school!

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